Tingle / Hot Action

Tingle products are designed to speed up the tanning process. These products contain benzyl nicotinate, which increases micro-circulation and producing more oxygen to be delivered to melanin. Tingle lotions are for advanced tanners only and are intended to be integrated into your tanning regimen with a step process.  After application, a "hot" and "reddening" sensation occurs.  Tingle products also contain intesifiers that optimize skin's natural color potential while hydrating skin.  Many tingle products also contain bronzers for an additional boost in color.  Tingle is great for tanning the arms and legs, but make sure to avoid contact with the face.  If you tan with a tingle product, make sure not to shower right away and do not handle children or pets for several hours after use.

Examples of Tingle Products:

Australian Gold

California Tan 
Swedish Beauty