Tanning Tips

Tanning Tips

Tanning products contain skincare ingredients that are necessary for healthy skin.  Healthy skin also tans darker, faster, and holds color longer. The 7 categories of lotion are Intensifiers, Maximizers, Bronzers, Tingles, Facial, Moisturizers and After Tan lotions. Depending on skin condition and skin type, using a quality skincare tanning product can increase the results of a tanning session up to 30- 40%!  

Why Should I Use Tanning Lotions?

A common question to ask for anyone that tans - whether it is outdoors, indoors in a tanning bed, or spray tanning – is, “Why should I use tanning lotions? Are they necessary, and if so, what are the key advantages?” Lotion Review is committed to the overall well-being of our readers and their skin so along with tanning lotion reviews we are always on the lookout for the latest tips. The answer to this question, when referring to tanning indoors under UV rays or outdoors is extremely straight-forward.  Read more…

"Alphabet Cream" Formulas

An increasingly popular trend in skincare is to identify new products as a “BB”, “CC”, or “DD” cream formula. The staff at Lotion Review thought our readers might like an explanation of some of the latest alphabet descriptions. There are many new tanning lotions that include these “alphabet cream” formulas, which are typically associated with giving skin a matte or airbrush finish to minimize imperfections. 
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Protecting Your Skin during Cold Winter Months
Dry, winter air can be very brutal on the skin. The cold weather can leave your skin feeling dry, irritated, and itchy. Lotion Review has compiled a list of simple yet effective ways to protect your skin during the cold winter months, to help keep it healthy and feeling supple and moist all season long.  Read more…