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A common question to ask for anyone that tans - whether it is outdoors, indoors in a tanning bed, or spray tanning – is, “Why should I use tanning lotions? Are they necessary, and if so, what are the key advantages?” Lotion Review is committed to the overall well-being of our readers and their skin so along with tanning lotion reviews we are always on the lookout for the latest tips. The answer to this question, when referring to tanning indoors under UV rays or outdoors is extremely straight-forward:

By wearing an accelerator while tanning, you are doing two things. You are allowing more UV light to penetrate your skin more quickly, and you are helping to prevent the possibility of drying out your skin. Dry skin reflects light, not allowing UV rays to be absorbed as quickly as when using an accelerator. Dry skin is not healthy skin, so by hydrating with an accelerator and keeping your skin in optimum condition, you will tan faster, darker, and stay tan longer.

When spray tanning of any kind, the use of products is equally as important. You always want to make sure you are using an exfoliating product designed to prepare your skin for receiving a spray tan. This will insure that your skin is healthy and fresh and will result in more even tanning results. You also want to make sure that the body wash you use does not contain any ingredients that will strip your tan or cause it to fade more quickly. Also, depending on what kind of spray tan that you are getting, there are many specific products that will help to best prime your skin for receiving the spray tan and  provide a more even, natural-looking tan, maximize results, and extend the life of the tan.
And you cannot forget about the importance of your daily moisturizer when you are participating in tanning of any kind. It is important to make sure that it contains ingredients to help keep your skin healthy and extend your tan. Many regular moisturizers contain ingredients such as “mineral oil” that can quickly strip a natural tan or spray tan. Ask your tanning consultant at your local salon to recommend the best tanning products and after-tan products for your skin type and desired results. They will truly make a dramatic difference.

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  1. Used under a tanning lotion & it helps you kinda "amp up" your tanning lotion.