Swedish Beauty Love Boho Free Spirit Tan Extender

Swedish Beauty Love Boho Free Spirit Tan Extender
New 2017 Tan Extender!!!
Love Boho™ Free Spirit Tan Extender
* Sea Salt Blend
* Beauty Balm
* Fragrance:
Pineapple Blossom - Lemon, Pomegranate, Jasmin, Cedar
* Available in: 10 oz. tube & 0.5 oz. sample

Love Boho Free Spirit Tan extender offers a blend of minerals that protect and prolong your color, while natural ingredients promote softer skin.

Happy Hipster Blend
: Phosphorous and Potassium from Sea Salt help absorb vitamins into skin, allowing your tan to last and last.
Playful Papaya Blend:  Fruit blend featuring Papaya works to balance uneven skin tone, revealing a polished and smooth appearance.
Sea Salt Blend: Let the ocean refresh, restore and re-mineralize with Magnesium and Calcium from Sea Salt that help keep skin nourished and happy.
Beauty Balm:  Luxurious blend of Emollients layer over skin, allowing it to naturally 
rehydrate for a soft, radiant glow.

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