Designer Skin, Cherish 12X Fairytale Bronzer

Designer Skin, Cherish 12X Fairytale Bronzer2017 Designer Skin Tanning Lotion!!!
Cherish™ 12X Fairytale Bronzer 
* Rich Whole Milk Formula
DHA + Caramel
* Fragrance: Warm Coconut Musk
* Available in: 13.5 oz. bottle or 0.5 oz. sample


Cherish joins Designer Skin’s product line for 2017 as a natural bronzer with DHA and Caramel. If you like Duchess™, you will love Cherish™ featuring a whole milk base.

Advanced 12X Bronzing Blend: features DHA and Caramel for an immediate bronzing impact and gradual color development.
Skin Vitality No. 9: works to revitalize and energize skin. Powerful skin protectants and conditioning agents help to ensure skin is left smooth and velvety soft.
Whole Milk-Base Formula: fortifies skin with Calcium to help promote the production of Melanin for richer color, while also providing Tyrosine and Vitamin B
to help you milk every second of your tanning session.
Optimized ProVitamin D: helps strengthen skin’s defense against free radicals to help promote younger looking skin.

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