New Tanning Lotions: Devoted Creations, Black Reserve™ Bronzer

Devoted Creations, Black Reserve™ Bronzer
New 2016 Devoted Creations
Black Reserve™
Ultra Advanced Black Bronzing Formula
Deeper, Darker, Longer Lasting Color 
* Fast Acting DHA, Natural & Cosmetic Bronzers
* 2 Melanin Stimulators 
* Fragrance: Iced Black Cranberry
* Available in: 11 oz. bottle & .7 oz. sample
* Price: $$

Black Reserve™ joins the 2016 line of new tanning lotions by Devoted Creations - Tanovations, featuring super dark bronzers and melanin stimulators plus a high level of skincare and anti-aging ingredients.

*Black Reserve™ Features:
Bronzing Blend High amounts of DHA, Natural, and Cosmetic Bronzers deliver a deep, dark delayed and immediate bronzed result.
Advanced Matrixyl Synthe 6™
Powerful anti-aging peptide that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for long-lasting results.
Hemp Seed Oil
Prevents moisture loss in the skin and helps prevent premature aging, and is effective in maintaining moisture balance.
Melactiva™& MelanoBronze™ Stimulates the production of melanin, which darkens the skin, enhances tan intensity, and prolongs tanning results.
Revita Fit™ + Body Fit™ Tone and tighten skin while reducing the appearance of cellulite and restoring firmness to the skin.

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