New 2016 Tanning Lotions: Australian Gold - Sol D Mand™ Bronzer

Australian Gold - Sol D Mand™ Bronzer
New Australian Gold Tanning Lotion
Sol D Mand™
Vitamin D Enriched Advanced DermaDark® Bronzer
with HydraPlex™ Technology
DermaDark® Bronzers
* Conditions Skin
* Fragrance: Sexy Sun
* Available in: 8.5 oz. bottle or .5 oz. sample
* Price: $$$

For 2016, Australian Gold introduces Sol D Mand™ as an upgraded replacement for Satin D Sol® that provides streak-free gorgeous color results with or without UV exposure.

 Sol D Mand™ Features:
Advanced DermaDark® Bronzer An optimized bronzing blend of Melanin, Bronzing Peptides, and a Natural Color Enhancer deliver stunning streak-free results.
HydraPlex™ Technology A powerful skincare blend that provides superior moisture retention for an undeniably soft, perfect tanning canvas.
Vitamin Drink Enriched with Pro-Vitamins B5 and D plus Vitamin E for a beautiful radiance.
Delightful Conditioners Shea Butter and Sweet Almond Oil combine to soothe and rejuvenate for irresistibly smooth skin. 

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