New 2016 Tanning Lotion: California Tan - Biofusion™ Optimizer Bronzer

California Tan - Biofusion™ Optimizer Bronzer
New 2016 California Tan Tanning Lotion
Biofusion™ Optimizer
Step 2
* White DHA Bronzer
* Vanilla & Coconut Extracts
* Fragrance: Tropical Sandalwood
* Available in: 6.4 oz.
* Price $$$

Biofusion™ Step 2 Optimizer 
joins the 2016 California Tan product line as a white bronzing lotion that utilizes the powder dry finish trend that is popular in beauty/personal care products.

Biofusion™ Step 2 Optimizer Features:
BioRenewal Factor™: Increases tanning potential while anti-aging ingredients are helping to reduce wrinkles.
Tanning Optimizers: Optimizes gradual white DHA bronzers, producing darker color throughout the day for a more even and natural looking tan.
Biofusion Blend:  A fusion of firming and energizing properties that help boost mood and energy.
Coconut Extract: Tightens and helps tone the skin for a younger looking, more firm appearance. 
CuO2® and TRF™: Combination of rich ingredients to further advance bronze color to a dark state for optimized tanning results.

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