New Tanning Lotions: Pro Tan - Simply Dark Hypoallergenic Bronzer

Pro Tan - Simply Dark Hypoallergenic Bronzer
New 2016 Pro Tan Tanning Lotion
Simply Dark
Hypoallergenic Ultra Dark
 DHA Bronzing Lotion
* Designed for Sensitive Skin
* DHA Bronzer
* Fragrance: Aloe Breezy
* Available in: 8.5 oz. bottle & 0.75 oz. sample
* Price $

Simply Dark
is a new hypoallergenic tanning lotion with DHA by Pro Tan for 2016 that proves that having delicate skin doesn’t mean you can’t achieve the darkness you desire.

 Simply Dark Features:
 Dark DHA Bronzers:  Help provide deep, rich, golden color that continues to develop after UV exposure.
Powerful Tan Accelerators: Tyrosine plus other melanin enhancing ingredients work together to help skin prepare for maximum color potential.
Anti-Aging Formula: Vitamin A and E help energize and fortify all skin types to keep skin looking youthful and beautiful.
Soothing Blend: A skin soothing blend of Aloe Vera, Avocado Oil, and Mango Seed Butter help to hydrate and condition delicate skin.

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