New 2016 Tanning Lotions: Girlfriend Sexy® Radiant Fantasy Bronzer

Swedish Beauty Girlfriend Sexy® Radiant Fantasy Bronzer
New Swedish Beauty Tanning Lotion  
Girlfriend Sexy® 50 ©Radiant Fantasy Bronzer
* Natural Bronzer + DHA
* Smooths, Tones, & Firms
* Fragrance: Darling Desire (Cassis, Coconut, Plum, Sugar, & Vanilla Sandalwood)
* Available in: 10 oz. bottle & 0.5 oz. sample
* Price $$

Girlfriend Sexy® 50
© Radiant Fantasy Bronzer is a brand new 2016 Swedish Beauty tanning product introducing a new high-power Girlfriend Sexy® Bronzer to the collection.

*Girlfriend Sexy® 50 © Radiant Fantasy Bronzers Features:
50 © Radiant Fantasy Bronzers: Combination of Natural Bronzers and DHA for both instant and delayed impossibly dark color, leaving your secret admirers in a golden daze.
NEW Dream Maker Technology: Helps maintain the elasticity of skin for a more youthful appearance.
Curve Appeal™ Technology: Stevia primer blend helps visibly tone, smooth, and firm skin.
Sweet Treats™: Dark Chocolate and Blueberries fight free radicals for anti-aging benefits (fights wrinkles and fine lines) for more youthful-looking skin.

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