Designer Skin Fanfare™ Bronzer

Designer Skin Fanfare™ Bronzer
2015 Tanning Lotion!
Triple Dark Bronzing Blend
* Supreme Age Defying Formula
* DHA + Cosmetic Bronzers
* Fragrance:  Maui Mai Tai
* Available in 13.5 oz. bottles & 0.5 oz. samples
* Retail Price: $55.00

*Find it for Less: Designer Skin FAN FARE Triple Dark Bronzer - 13.5 oz.

Fanfare Triple Dark Bronzing Blend is a brand new lotion by Designer Skin for the 2015 product line with ingredients, skincare, and a fragrance that was 100% voted for by Designer Skin lotion fans!

Triple Dark Bronzing Blend combines DHA and cosmetic bronzers for instant gratification and delayed, longer lasting results to help provide the perfect bronze hue.
Deep Hydration Formula a nourishing doses of Aloe works to restore skin’s moisture to keep it healthy and glowing.
Silicone helps to seal in deep hydration to leave skin with a velvety after feel that is never greasy.
Anti-Aging Blend with Vitamin E to help neutralize free radicals to diminish and prevent the signs of aging.


  1. **My review on March 27,2015**

    Used this yesterday around 4pm.

    *Scent-LOVE IT!! It reminds me of a tropical fruit salad with a coconut twist!!

    *Zero ATO-Just the scent of the DHA smell either...if I had to go somewhere after tanning I could.

    *Lotion is creamy,rubs in well and is moisturizing without feeling heavy or greasy.

    *Color boost/Bronzers-I counted DHA as the 6th ingredient on my bottle...and holy color boost!!!!! Right after tanning I noticed a initial boost but I let the DHA develop overnight and this morning I was even more impressed!!!! (Even after showering)

    Let me just say in general this years lotions haven't really caught my eye too much (just a small few lol) if it wasn't for one of my friends telling me my Twitter/IG user name was on the bottle I would have maybe skipped this lol yes the bottle might look a lil cheesy but don't let that fool you this one is EXCELLENT imo!!!!! The results are just so good and I can guarantee this will be a repeat purchase for me!!!!

    5/5 stars & more!!!!!!!

  2. Awesome lotion, purchased it tonight and used it. I'm working on my base tan and I could tell an immediate difference. The smell is amazing. Very fresh and silky. Best purchase I've made.

  3. Excellent tanning lotion, very silky, smells great and can tell a nice color change after one use.

  4. Has this been discontinued? If so, what is its replacement? thanks so much