Australian Gold Jwoww Private Reserve Love of My Life™ Bronzer

Jwoww Private Reserve Love of My Life™ BronzerNew 2015 Tanning Lotion!!!
Jwoww by Jenni Farley
Private Reserve Love of My Life™ Bronzer
 White DHA Bronzer
* Yogurt Base
* Fragrance: Precious Moments (Juicy Grapefruit, Orange, & Mandarin)
* Available in: 13.5 oz. bottle or 0.5 oz. sample
* Price $$$$
Jwoww’s Private Reserve Love of My Life™ Bronzer is the perfect blend of white DHA bronzers and Erythrulose that ensure flawless and intense dark tanning results that are streak-free and smudge-free.

Love of My Life™ Bronzer: Features White DHA and Erythrulose that is perfectly blended with Jenni’s proprietary Concentrated Black Walnut Extract for gorgeous dark results and deeper, delayed color.
Sweetheart Skincare: White Birch and Rose Extract nourish and smooth for petal soft skin with a youthful radiance.
Jenni’s Signature Skincare Blend Contains a yogurt base that is infused with Black Currant Oil and Pear for deeply hydrated skin that is visibly smoother and more even.
Beloved Blush Technology Features Golden Seaweed that protects the skin while providing an overall flushed color.


  1. Has anyone been able to try this one yet???

    1. I tried it because I loved her wedding white. I did get color but the consistency was a bit watery. Not sure if it was just my lotion or if they are all a little watery. I am going to try 14K gold rush next!!!

  2. Not yet! I work at a tanning salon and I just got an e-mail yesterday from our distributor that they just got it in. I will be ordering it for our store within the next week, so I will post a review when I get to try it. I am hoping it is similar to Jwoww's Wedding White Bronzer that was discontinued, I loved everything about that lotion! :)

  3. I have been able to use it and so far I like it. I am thinking it might be better than the White Wedding. It also has a really good smell to it. I only bought a sample to see if I like it before I spent money on something I didn't like

  4. 8 days later and I have my own bottle!! Let me be the 1st to say Jwoww Rocked It On Love Of My Life!! I am in Love with a lotion again.Smells so good -No ATO-No Streaks or Orangies(have a base tan 1st and exfoliate really good before starting using bronzers) The color boost and results were fantastic-Very Impressed and Jenni Farley should make this one forever!!! I will repurchase again..Get Your Bottle Today -Do Not Wait (Yes it is Better Than White Wedding)

  5. **My review on March 12,2015**

    I used this yesterday and OMG LOVE IT!!!!!

    *Scent-While applying I smell coconuts with hints of orange then after tanning I smelled kinda like a dreamsicle.

    *No ATO

    *Body blush-I noticed it while I was tanning only.

    *Lotion is creamy,easy to apply & rub in. My skin felt hydrated & not at all sticky or greasy.

    *Color boost is Amazing!!!!!!! Hours after tanning it really kicked in!!!!! My color was in base tan mode and now its past that easily from this lotion! (no streaking or un even color from this lotion)

    As usual Jwoww lotions do not disappoint and this one as expected is a winner!!!!

    5/5 stars & more from me!!!!!!! I would 100% repurchase this!

  6. Bought it - love it. The white bronzes are perfect and it doesn't leave streaks or muddy up your hands. Smells great. Feels incredibly rich and moisturizing which is super great. Good color development so far. Happy with it!

  7. I agree with all of the review's... and I think this is one of Jwoww's best products (and I have loved all of them!) It definitely reminds me of the Wedding White Bronzer, but like Anonymous said... I think it's even better! If you're looking for a dark bronzer that will not streak or stain with a great fragrance and a high level of skincare... you need to try this product!

  8. I have used it twice now, really liking it so far, but Just wondering about showering soon after using it? Has anyone experienced the after effect of showering soon after using it?

    1. Do not shower until at least two hours after tanning or it basically washes everything off

  9. I bought this strictly from the reviews on here and smell..
    You all did not disappoint!
    This lotion is the cat's meow!
    Smells soooo yummy and gives such a wonderful color even after one use!
    I used it the other morning for the first time and gained so much color right out of the bed AND throughout the day!
    I was nervous about buying a JWoww lotion because of price but I'm so glad I jumped and bought this!
    W NO ATO I definitely will be buying more JWoww lotions in the near future!


  10. Not nearly as impressed with this lotion as the reviews had lead me to believe. Color burst was not that great, I get darker from 14k gold rush. The smell is good, and leaves skin very soft as all of jwowws lotions do. I'd say 3/5