Tan Incorporated Chroma™ Ultra Advanced Instant Black Bronzer

Tan Incorporated Chroma™ Ultra Advanced Instant Black Bronzer
New 2015 Tan Lotion !!!
Chroma™ Ultra Advanced
Instant Black Bronzer
* Dual Cosmetic & DHA Bronzers
* Tattoo Enhancer Technology
* Fragrance: Iced Coconut Cake with Peach Schnapps
* Available in: 13.5 oz. bottle & .75 oz. sample
* Price: $$$

Chroma™ is a new 2015 lotion by Tan Incorporated; this ultra-advanced black bronzer contains a high level of bronzers and skincare ingredients for a beautiful dark tan, instantly.
Ultra Advanced Instant 200X Black Bronzers:  This is a combination of double dark DHA bronzers, Erythrulose, and Natural bronzers for instant dark color results and delayed developed results that continue to darken after UV exposure.
Moisturizer:  Contains high quality hydrating ingredients to keep skin moisturized and healthy looking.
Skincare Formula: An Argan & Coconut Butter Blend firms and tones the skin for younger looking, beautiful skin. Fruit Extracts provide essential vitamins and minerals with antioxidants that work to fight the signs of aging.
Silicone Base:  The Max Silicone base of this lotion provides easy application and leaves skin feeling extremely silky and smooth.
Tattoo Enhancer Technology: Body Ink is embellished with tattoo enhancing technology to keep tattoos looking bright and vibrant.

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  1. Favorite lotion so far! And it smells great too!