Designer Skin Black Legacy Bronzer

Designer Skin Black Legacy Bronzer
New 2015 Designer Skin!!!
Black Legacy™
Legandary 35X Black Label Private Reserve™
* Silicone Base
* Dark, Potent Bronzer
* Fragrance:  Exotic Tropical Citrus
* Available in 13.5 oz. bottles & 0.5 oz. samples
* Retail Price: $129.00

New Sunshine Designer Skin Bronzer, Black Legacy, 13.5 Ounce  the legacy continues! Designer Skin brought us the original ever popular, best-selling Black, and now for 2015 they bring us Black Legacy™ to continue the tradition!

DS ProBronze Extend™ and Limitless Tanning Comlexe™ is a potent blend that helps activate the tanning process and eliminate restrictions on dark color potential for astonishingly dark color.
MelanINK™ Bronzing Technology combines with Pure Solar Peptides™ for optimal results after just one session, while also providing the best anti-aging ingredients available in tanning products.
Mega Magical Silicone Emulsion provides maximum protection and hydration while leaving skin with a soft and velvety finish that leaves skin feeling as good as it looks.
Skin Activated Moisture Technology contains a unique conditioning system designed to melt at skin temperature for the best absorption, providing skin with a luxurious, moisturized feel.


  1. I'm a huge fan of DS products, but I wasn't not impressed with this one. I was a fan of the Black and Black Noir, so I wanted to give this a try. I did not like the smell of the lotion to begin with, and hoped it would smell different afterwards. Unfortunately, the same smell was stuck with me all day long after I used it. I did not notice as much of a color difference as I thought I would.

    Rate: 2/5.

  2. Always a fan of Designer Skin. This lotion gives unbelievable color after one use. AND it lasts! Didn't shower off like some bronzers do. Being a big fan of Black Noir and Elusive, this one is right up there. Smells a lot better than original Black 20X too!! Must try! 5/5

  3. Not impressed! The lotion isn't too thick and makes your skin feel great afterward but that's about it. I saw no color after using it, the smell is pretty unpleasant and the price point..oof! I think Elusive was much better .

  4. I've used obsidian and black 20x, but black legacy is by far the best! In one session I saw a significant difference in the color of my skin. The lotion leaves your skin soft, not greasy, and the smell is minimal. 5/5

  5. I am sooo in love with the black legacy!! I'm very pale,bought this today and went at least two shades darker and the smell is amazing! Pricey yes,but well worth it!!

  6. Used this lotion the other day and it gave amazing colour. My skin felt moisturized and soft after my tan and the scent was amazing. My only issue was that I could smell the DHA developing after a few hours which was not the most pleasant.