Supre Tan Tan Candy™ Double Dark Bronzing Crème

Supre Tan Tan Candy™ Double Dark Bronzing Crème
New 2014 Supre Tan !!!
Tan Candy
Double Dark Bronzing Crème 
* DHA + Natural Bronzers
* Antioxidant Rich
* Fragrance: Sweet Blueberry Bliss

* Available in: 8.5 oz. bottle & .57 oz. sample
* Price: $$

Tan Candy™ Double Dark Bronzing Crème combines the richest dark tanning ingredients with Natural Bronzers plus DHA for long-lasting dark color.

Double Dark Bronzing Blend contains natural bronzing ingredients Caramel, Henna, and Black Walnut Shell provide immediate dark color while DHA provides delayed longer lasting results that continue to develop for up to 12 hours after exposure to UV light.
Cocoa Complex is antioxidant enriched to help smooth skin and give it a flawless and toned, radiant appearance.
CandyColor™ Tanning Complex provides a sweet, rich, golden color with natural color enhancers.
Decadent Moisturizing Blend combines Sweet Almond Oil and Sugar Cane to help lock in color and leaves skin feeling silky, smooth, and soft.

Paraben Free


  1. We have this lotion at the store that i work at and we can't keep it on the shelves. i love it, it has an awesome feeling while your tan, but also when you shower the next day or whenever.
    the smells to all the tan candy's are also amazing.
    i recommend this to everyone.

  2. We also carry this lotion at our salon and it sells quick! The smell is amazing and continues to smell amazing after you tan. If you have clients who are conscious about ATO this lotion has none and immediate color results. No streaking either! Defiantly recommend selling it at your salon since it is a cheaper option with great results!

  3. We recently started carrying the Tan Candy line at the salon where I work, and since then we have had a hard time selling anything else! The price is definitely right for these products and they work just as well if not better than some of the $100+ lotions! They also have great skincare ingredients. This double dark bronzer's blueberry fragrance is amazing with no after tan odor at all. it provides instant results that continue to darken long after tanning. I highly recommend the entire Tan Candy line! I just bought the tingle lotion and it is another winner, and I can't wait to try the new facial bronzer in this line!! :)