Tan Incorporated Delectable™ After Tan 4 in 1!

Delectable™ After Tan 4 in 1!
New 2014 Tanning Lotion!!!
Delectable After Tan 4 in 1!
* Color Extender, Bronzer, Sunless Glow, & Moisturizer
* Contains DHA
* Two part bottle
* Fragrance: Vanilla/Coconut, Line, Verbena
* Available in: 7 oz. bottle
* Price: $$

Delectable™ is a revolutionary 4 in 1 tanning product that can be used before or after your tanning session to deeply condition skin/hydrate, provide beautiful bronzing results, give skin a flawless sunless glow, and extend color results!
Two-Part Bottle Technology:  Exclusive Two-part bottle design provides a sunless perfection and decadent bronzing combination to compliment your color for a captivating tan.
Moisturizer: Emollients are designed to deeply hydrate and moisturize the skin’s tissue to minimize the chances of flaking and peeling.
Color Extender: A special formula that works to fight against fading so that your tan last as long as possible.
Sunless Glow Formula:  Gives skin a natural looking glowing appearance to keep color looking optimal.
Bronzer Blend: Contains a touch DHA in a blend that works to subtly darken color for natural, yet noticeable results.

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  1. I bought a bottle of this product because I thought it was such a cool new concept. I used it as my daily moisturizer in hopes that it would help extend my tan. I was not very impressed with this product. It does provide significant immediate color, but it does not look natural at all in my opinion. Also, this color all washes off when you shower. There is not enough DHA (longer lasting self-tanning ingredient) to really help build any kind of tan. I did not find it to be moisturizing enough for my skin, so I also had to use my regular tan extending moisturizer in addition to this product. The "bronzing" side of the 2-part bottle ran out much sooner than the white lotion side, so that was a bummer as well.