Pura Tan Extender Moisturizer

Pura Tan Extender Moisturizer
New 2014 Pura !!!
Pura Tan Extender Moisturizer
* Deeply Hydrates
* Increases the life of your tan
* Contains DHA
* Fragrance: Mango Sunshine

Pura Tan Extender Moisturizer is formulated to lock in moisture and smooth and soften the skin. It contains the sunless tanning ingredient, DHA, to help prolong tan life.

DHA is the sunless tanning ingredient that adds the right amount of color to your skin with each use to help prolong your sunless tan as long as possible.
Exclusive Tahitian Blend loaded with Papaya Fruit Extract and Banana Extract to promote healthy skin regeneration.
Sunflower Seed Oil + Aloe Vera moisturize, heal, protect, and soothe dry skin to keep it healthy – healthy skin holds a tan longer.
Rich Mango Extract moisturizes, softens, and smoothes the skin, revealing a natural and beautiful glow.

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