Devoted Creations Pauly D Sexy Unveiled™

Devoted Creations Pauly D Sexy Unveiled™
New 2014 Pauly D's !!!
Pauly D Sexy Unveiled™ Firming
Black Silicone Bronzing Cream
* DHA + Tan Enhancers
* Tattoo Color Fade Protection
* Fragrance: Sexy Candy

* Available in: 12.25 oz. bottle

Pauly D Sexy Unveiled™ is a DHA bronzer and tan enhancer that contains seductive pheromones to leave you feeling bronzed and beautiful.
Bronzers contain medium levels of DHA Bronzers for just the right amount of delayed color plus Tan Enhancers to jump start your dark color development.

Skincare skin firming and anti-aging benefits of Body Fit™, RevitaFit, and advanced Matrixyl Synthe6™ to keep skin healthy and youthful looking and feeling toned.
Melanobronze increases skin’s production of Melanin for quick, noticeable results.

Black Silicone Blend provides an indulged and refreshed feel to the skin and provides deep hydration for 24+ hours.
Pheromone Blend is a secret weapon designed to get attention and make you feel irresistible.
Tattoo Protection contains tattoo and color fade protection technology.

1 comment:

  1. **My review on Jan 9,2014**

    *Scent-Very similar to B&BW Velvet Sugar scent!! I love it!!!

    *No ATO..not even a hint of DHA!

    *Rubs in very well and it's creamy,decently moisturizing and leaves my skin soft.

    *Color boost was good! I used a random tantoo and its still visible hours later. Nice DHA bronzers in this!!

    Overall I love this lotion and honestly wouldn't have mattered if it was a good tanning lotion or not cuz the scent is wonderful and I'd use it as a moisturizer lol but it is a great tanning lotion and glad I have it in my rotation!!!