Pura Elite Sunless Amplifier Gel

Pura Elite Amplifier Gel
New 2014 Sunless Amplifier !!!
Pura Elite Amplifier Gel
* Formulated for all forms of pre-sunless use
* Preps skin for sunless application
* Maximizes color results
* Fragrance: Mango Sunshine
* Price: $

 Tip: After exfoliating and prior to a sunless session, you do not want to apply regular moisturizers to your skin. On these days, replace your daily moisturizer with a sunless prep like Pura Elite Amplifier Gel. This is also an excellent product to use for indoor (UV) tanning, especially when you are doing a cocktail tan (UV session just prior to sunless session)!
Exclusive Tahitian Blend loaded with Papaya Fruit Extract and Banana Extract to promote healthy skin regeneration.
Ginseng, Gynostemma, and Protein work together to deeply nourish and help balance the pH levels of the skin, promoting long lasting color results.
Rich Mango Extract moisturizes, softens, and smooths the skin, revealing a natural and beautiful glow.
Pura Elite Amplifier Gel is designed to be applied before any type of sunless tanning lotion that you use to best prepare your skin to receive dark color & help maximize and prolong results!



  1. I have a question, would this work before just regular tanning? Would it help the tanning process? Or is this JUST for sunless tanning?

    1. This product will help accelerate the tanning process, provide more even tanning results, and extend the life of your tan- regardless of the type of tanning you are participating in (spray tanning, or UV tanning indoors or outdoors.) If using it for UV tanning you can use it by itself or you can apply it before your regular tanning lotion to maximize the results.

    2. Awesome. Thank you. I just realized when reading this review and on the Pura website that they mostly emphasize to use it before spray tanning. I have it and I don't really spray tan so I wanted to try it before UV tanning but wanted to make sure I would get some results with it and not wasting it. I appreciate your help.

      Have you used this before?

      I work at a tanning salon and am having some trouble keeping my tan. I have used multiple tanning lotions and tan extenders, both lotion, body wash, and shaving gel forms. I've been using the Pura Tan Extender and so far I really like that and notice the best extending results. Right now I am using Kardashian Iced bronzer with Girlfriend Sexy Intensifier and LOVE LOVE LOVE the iced bronzer but feel like I get the same results when I use the intensifier compared to when I don't use it.
      I've worked in two different tanning salons, the first didn't really care about the employees being tan and the one I work at now requires it. I've noticed that you tend to put your input on the good tanning lotions and what helps you, so I figured I can ask you, as you seem very knowledgeable.

    3. I work at a tanning salon also! :) I have not yet tried the Pura Elite Amplifier Gel, but I use a product made by California Tan that I would think would be extremely similar and produce the same results- it is called Color Maximizer. I love it and I use it for all types of tanning. I think it works best for my spray tan sessions, but it definitely does maximize results when using the tanning bed as well. My recommendation to you would be to try a tanning product that has more bronzer in it, specifically DHA. The KG Iced Bronzer is a Natural Bronzing lotion- so it contains natural ingredients and extracts (like caramel, walnut, etc.) that provide immediate color but do not last as long as products with the self-tanning ingredient (DHA) which takes a bit longer to develop but provides darker color that lasts much longer (a week or more compared to a couple of days.) I have found that I can maintain color much better when using a DHA bronzing lotion than when I use an intensifier or natural bronzer. The key is to make sure you are using a high quality product that will have the skincare you need and natural looking bronzers. Since you love the KG Iced Bronzer, I would definitely recommend trying the KG Dark Bronzer (pink bottle). I get amazing color from this lotion and the bronzers are so easy to apply and natural looking (no streaking or staining and I'm not ever overly careful when applying).

    4. Apply your Pura Amplifier Gel first, and then your tanning lotion... it will amplify results and help provide more even and darker color :)

    5. I figured that you worked at a tanning salon. I did try a bronzer with DHA but didn't really care for it. I used My One & Only recently and it turned my hands orange, even after washing my hands after applying and tanning. Coco De Ville did the same thing to me. I do also use tingles, I currently have Glamour Goddess, Ruby, and JWOWW Red Hot Tingle. I'm not too crazy about tingles but do use them every once in a while. I did see the California Tan Color Maximizer and was hoping that this was like that.

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  3. I used this the other day under KG Iced Bronzer and the color I got was amazing! It didn't go away after a couple hours, I love it and am so glad that I tried it!

  4. The Pura Amplifying Gel is very popular in our salon!! Super great results with the Pura itself, I have not used it prior to tanning but it is definitely something to consider trying! All of the customers that use it prior to spray tanning have noticed their results lasting longer (especially during the summer when they are swimming and doing outdoor activities!)

    I highly recommend this product! It has a fresh mango kind of smell just like the pura elite spray tan solution!