Australian Gold On the Prowl™

Australian Gold On the Prowl™
New 2014 Australian Gold !!!
On the Prowl
Fierce Color™ Complex Advanced Bronzer

with Perfection Finish Primer
* Nourishes & Protects
* Natural Bronzers + DHA
* Fragrance: Sweet Seduction

* Available in: 8.5 oz. bottle or .5 oz. sample

On the Prowl™ is projected to be one of the best selling lotions for 2014 because it is packed full of the best bronzers and excellent skin care at a relatively low price-point.

Fierce Color™ Complex DHA with Erythrulose is fused with intense natural bronzers to provide immediate dark color along with a delayed deep color.
Purrfection Finish Primer evens out skin tone and fills in imperfections for a soft, beautiful bronze color.
Wild Berry Blend rejuvenates, nourishes, and protects the skin with a combination of exotic berries for hydrated and smooth skin.
Girly Glow Vitamins and Oils work together to give skin a healthy gorgeous glow.

1 comment:

  1. **My review on May 20,2014**

    Used this yesterday.

    *Scent-Sweet,perfumey with hints of fruit...its nice and subtle I like it!

    *ATO-Non initially but as the night when on the smell of DHA kicked in. It wasn't bad and even this morning the DHA smell faded.

    *Lotion itself is really nice & creamy,it goes on super smooth and has that "primer feel",After few minutes after applying I felt slightly sticky but that that totally went away by the time I was done tanning. The lotion is not super moisturizing IMO its has light moisturizing..not bad for spring & summer or if you don't like heavy lotions.

    *Color boost initially after tanning was decent but this morning I have even better color going on!! DHA is the 10th listed ingredient.

    I got a bottle of this a few months ago and no lie I only got it for the cute bottle packaging lol I'm glad this turned out to be a nice lotion in the end!! Would I buy another bottle once its gone? Nope lol Its not a bad lotion at all and it gave me really,really nice color but I personally prefer my lotions to be more moisturizing. Plus I have the bottle and once its gone I'm gonna keep it lol

    4/5 stars.....100% packet worthy!!