Supre Tan Watermelon Wow™ Maximizer

Supre Tan Watermelon Wow™ Maximizer
New 2014 Supre Tan !!!
Watermelon Wow
Dark Tan Maximizer
* DHA/Bronzer Free
* Renewing Hydration
* Fragrance: Juicy Sweet Watermelon

* Available in: 8 oz. bottle & 0.57 oz. sample

Watermelon Wow™ is a value priced lotion designed to accelerate the tanning process and deeply moisturize the skin for optimal tanning results!
Watermelon Extract provides skin renewing properties and deep moisture that leaves skin feeling smooth and soft long after tanning.
Skin Conditioners Aloe + Vitamins A, C, and E work together to nourish the skin and provide a healthy looking and radiant glow.
Colorburst Complex works to stimulate the melanin production in the skin to help provide deep, golden natural color results.

Moisturizers decrease chances of skin pealing and fight the effects of dehydration so you get the most out of each tanning session.

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