Designer Skin Duchess Natural Bronzer

Designer Skin Duchess Natural Bronzer
New 2015 Tanning Lotion!!!
Duchess™ Rich Whole Milk Formula
* DHA + Natural Bronzers
* Melanin Enhancers
* Fragrance: Sugar Noir
* Available in 13.5 oz. bottles & 0.5 oz. samples
* Retail Price: $67.00

*Lower Price: New Sunshine Designer Skin Bronzer, Duchess, 13.5 Ounce

Duchess joins the 2015 Designer Skin product line as a milk-based bronzer with excellent skincare for deep, dark color results, fast!

Whole Milk-Base Formula fortifies the skin with Calcium to help promote the production of melanin and soften the skin, while also providing Vitamin B2 and Tyrosine to help you milk every second of your tanning session.
Advanced 8X Bronzing Blend combines DHA, Instant Bronzers, and MelanINK™ infused with Honeysuckle to help increase skin’s oxygenation for deeper and longer lasting color results.
Optimized ProVitamin D helps to defend against free radicals to help promote younger looking skin.


  1. okay the smell on this lotion was absolutely AMAZING I would buy a bottle just for the smell. my ATO was yummy... like the smell is absolutely amazing, i got minimal color after one use but my skin wasn't sticky or oily, I always use an extender for moisture after i get out of the bed, despite the lotion i used for my tan, but my skin was very soft afterwards before the extender. This lotion did however smooth out my tan, it helped the color look more healthy, i'm thinking from the honey suckle, but the color looked better and deeper. I would definitely start tanning off with this lotion for two reasons. 1. its designer skin so its going to give you amazing results. and 2. it evened out my tan and i tan a lot. so starting out with this lotion i can't imagine what a smooth tan you would progress with! 4.5/5 only because i didn't see a huge burst of color from one session of use

  2. As a long time tanning salon employee I prefer to use lotions that give me instant results out of one session so I don't have to tan too often especially during busy season because I don't always have time between shifts. Although I was pleasantly surprised by Duchess, as a loyal Designer Skin fan I knew it would be good lotion but from the description I wasn't sure it was a good lotion for me. I got two shades darker from one session in high pressure, 2 hours after my session I noticed my tan was deeper and darker than what it has been recently. Not to mention the smell of this lotion is absolutely amazing, before and after tanning. Completely worth the money for frequent tanners, the skin benefits alone are enough to convince me my purchase was entirely worth it. 4/5