California Tan HD Giselle™ Intensifier

California Tan HD Giselle™ Intensifier
New 2014 California Tan !!!
HD Giselle™ Intensifier
Step 1: Build
* Increases Melanin Production

* Protects Against DNA Damage to Skin
* Fragrance: Carnival Nights

* Available in: 7 oz. bottle

HD Giselle™ Step 1 Intensifier is a new 2014 product created to replace retired lotion, HD Ava. It contains excellent skincare ingredients and works to increase skin’s melanin production.

BelezaBronze™ works to boost color development for deep, golden results in less time by increasing melanin production in the skin.
High Definition Melapixel™ Tanning Technology promotes scene-stealing dark color with the latest technology to get the darkest color results possible.
Caffeine energizes, tightens, and firms skin for a flawless appearance.
Grandiose Fusion™ when combined with UV light greatly increases results and imparts a beautiful glow on the skin.

Mimosa Bark + Orchid Extracts work to protect and condition skin while adding anti-aging properties to prevent the development of wrinkles and fine lines.

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