Australian Gold Heated™ Tingle Natural Bronzer

Australian Gold Heated™ Tingle Natural Bronzer
2014 Australian Gold !!!
Sultry T4 Tingle Instant Dark Bronzing Lotion
* Natural Bronzer
* Light Dose of Tingle Action
* Fragrance: Alluring Apple
* Available in: 8.5 oz. bottle or .5 oz. sample

Heated™ joins the 2014 Australian Gold product family as a replacement and upgrade from the retired lotion, Fast Action®! This is an excellent value-priced lotion with light tingle and natural bronzers for dark color results.

Instant Dark Bronzing Blend a blend of natural bronzing ingredients provide dark color results immediately for instant color gratification.
Sultry T4 Tingle stimulates skin and gives a sizzling, flushed glow with a light dose of Benzyl Nicotinate – the tingle ingredient.
Enticing Hemp Seed Oil conditions, moisturizes and firms the skin for a hydrated and radiant dark glow.
Skin Softeners complex skincare in a concentrated amount to keep skin soft and beautiful with natural oils that moisturize and provide a radiant glow.

Soothing Complex Vitamins, Aloe Vera, and Green tea Extract work together to soften and soothe skin.


  1. DO NOT use this product!!!! I have been tanning for years and have used Austrailian Gold products for a long time. I put this lotion on and it turned my skin bright red and made me feel like I was on fire!! I has to jump in a cold shower to get relief!

    1. That's what a TINGLE lotion does!!!

    2. Tingle lotion is supposed to make you red and hot. That's the whole point of it. Do more research before buying any more tanning lotion. The Tingle brings blood to the surface of your skin, causing your pores to open and allowing your skin to absorb more UV rays. I'm not sure why you thought a lotion that's called heated wouldn't make you feel hot.

  2. This was my first time using a tingle lotion. I was always too nervous. This one is perfect and not too strong. Excellent results!!!!