Devoted Creations Diamond Status™

2014 Devoted Creations !!!
Diamond Status™
Auto Darkening Bronzing Blend
*Color-extending Formula
*DHA + Tan Enhancers
*Fragrance: Midnight Blackberry

*Available in: 13.5 oz. bottle

Diamond Status™ is a new edition to the Color Rush Collection that contains a low level maintenance bronzer plus tan enhancers and lots of skincare ingredients for healthy, bronzed skin. This product works during and after your tanning session to facilitate the natural tanning process.

CC Créme: for your best tan with the latest in color correcting technology.
Bronzers: contains a low level of DHA bronzers for a dark tan with less maintenance in addition to Tan Enhancers to increase melanin production.  
Cashmere Blend provides an indulged and refreshed feel to the skin and provides deep hydration for 24+ hours.
Skincare: helps skin look younger and feel firmer by increasing collagen production and works to repair skin cell damage; also fights cellulite

Anti-aging and Firming benefits are provided by Cell LD, Phytocelltec, and Renovage fighting the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
SunXtend color extending formula prolongs the life of your tan.

1 comment:

  1. **My review on May 2,2014**

    Used this yesterday at 4pm

    *Scent-Identical to Spa Luxury but a lighter a light blackberry with hints of perfume & musk that ended up completely fading away.

    *Zero ATO

    *Lotion is creamy and goes on super smooth & easily absorbs. My skin felt super soft after using this.

    *DHA is the 20th ingredient listed.....definitely a low level bronzer!! This made my tan look more golden instead of brown and my tantoo outline is 100% gone!

    So let me sum this up and just say it...this lotion was a huge let down for me! I wanted to love it but I can't.....this lotion is great in every other way as far as moisturization,scent etc. but in the color dept its lacking bigtime imo!! I used a tantoo in a random spot and it faded 100% away within 30mins after tanning but my tanttoo outline from when I used Supre Pink Lemonade is still visible lol and the bronzers in this lotion lotion make my tan appear very GOLDEN! That's is not that look I want for my tan I like BROWN!!!

    If you have been eyeing this lotion my rec is to try a sample 1st before you invest in a bottle.

    1/5 stars....due to the dha bronzers in this giving me a golden color =( otherwise the lotion is great lol