Designer Skin Pumped™

Designer Skin Pumped™
New 2014 Designer Skin !!!
Amplified Dark Tanning Intensifier
with Culture Shock™ Pearl Infusion
*Hydrating Silicone Base
*Cosmetic Bronzers & DHA-Free
*Fragrance: Electric Citrus & Orchid

*Available in: 13.5 oz. bottle & 0.5 oz. sample

Pumped™ is an intensifier without added bronzers that aids in the absorbance of UV light to provide dark, all natural color results.
Amplified Dark Tanning Intensifier contains Angelica Root, which is activated by UVA light, to soothe and calm skin and help it develop dark, deep color.
Pure Solar Peptides™ and Tyrosine work together to quickly provide skin with an even and natural bronze color.
Culture Shock™ Pearl Infusion made up of natural marine minerals that add deep hydration and work to promote even skin tone for younger looking skin that is nourished and healthy.
DreamWear™ Silicone Emulsion provides skin with a maximum level of protection and hydration while giving skin a velvety smooth, soft finish and blurring fine lines.

1 comment:

  1. Used this earlier in the afternoon today.

    *Scent-Its perfumey and light.....if you have tried/smelled AG Gilded,Sterling or Tiara its very similar to that imo. I really like it!

    *Lotion is creamy but light weight,rubs in very well. Its not super moisturizing but more like a light to medium moisturizer and its not loaded with heavy silicones that's on the light side as well. My skin feels lightly moisturized and soft after using this.

    *Zero ATO

    *I haven't tanned since last week and this kicked up my color nicely! I used a tantoo in a random spot and the outline is still lightly visible.

    This lotion intrigued me so yes I outright bought a bottle and am not disappointed at all! I'm really loving this intensifier and everything about it.

    5/5 stars.....Definitely a lotion to try/get!!!