California Tan ComplexION™ Step 2 Bronzer

California Tan ComplexION™ Step 2 Bronzer
New 2014 California Tan !!!
ComplexION™ Step 2 Bronzer
*Contains 42 Natural Bronzers

*Intense Hydration
*Fragrance: Sheer Escape

*Available in: 6.8 oz. bottle or 1oz. bottle

ComplexION™ Step 2 Bronzer is focused on the scientific correction of the complexion and sophisticated tanning technologies to provide faster-acting, more intense, and longer lasting dark, natural color results. This product will maximize results with an added natural bronzer blend.

C² Complex™ extreme hydration is provided to help improve skin’s appearance and suppleness by conditioning to improve skin tone.
OxC Technology™ works to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines while promoting the respiration of the skin.
ION Color Technology offers a faster-acting, longer-lasting, more intense dark, natural color and increases cell longevity.
Vitatan® builds and promotes an ultimate deep, dark tan that lasts.

Quadringta Duobus [42] Bronzers a blend of unique natural (immediate) bronzing ingredients to provide a rich, even dark hue instantly.
CuO₂® + TRF™ advanced scientific technologies that work together to further optimize dark color results.
Cashmere Extract gives skin a flawless, even glow by indulging skin with deep, luxurious hydration.

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  1. this lotions is the best ever!! for skin care and tanning results!