Swedish Beauty Dark & Dangerous™

New 2013 Swedish Beauty !!!
Dark & Dangerous
B25 DHA Bronzer with TanDark Technology
* Stimulates Natural Melanin 
* Moisture-Rich
* Fragrance: Midnight Onyx
* 10 US fl. oz.

Swedish Beauty’s Dark & Dangerous adds peppermint oil to the ATO (After Tan Odor) Inhibitor, which provides a slight cooling sensation for a refreshed feeling during your tanning session.

*Dark & Dangerous™ Features:
B25 DHA Bronzer: Contains Dopamine, a melanin precursor that shortens the time necessary to develop a tan.
TanDark™ Technology: Melanin Activating Peptides (M.A.P.) and a marine-based bronzer stimulates the synthesis, production and distribution of natural melanin in the epidermis, inducing natural tan without UV exposure.
Milk and Yogurt Base: Nutritionally rich in Protein, Calcium, Riboflavin, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin B12; this formula base acts as a primer for skin.
Vita-Beauty Blend™: Encapsulated Vitamin D prepares skin for dark color while Blueberry and Beet extracts (Swedish Superfruits) work to neutralize free radicals and reduce inflammation.
Moisture-Rich: An emollient blend of Shea Butter, Apricot, Sunflower, and Carrot combine for supreme hydration.


  1. I tried this lotion recently and I really liked it! It has the perfect blend of bronzers to give a great dark, natural looking tan. I like the skincare this lotion has and that it is a milk and yogurt based formula. After using it, I realized that this must be a product geared towards male tanners. It is in a dark, masculine looking bottle & it smells just like men's cologne. I really like the smell, just not for me personally. I would definitely recommend this lotion as a great bronzer option for the male clients at the salon where I work. It has an excellent retail price point of just $55.

  2. I bought a Bottle based on Swedish Beauty’s own description of the product. i like that it combines most of the technologies present in separate products into one dynamite bottle with a manly enough looking label and a solid scent i don't mind running errands wearing.

    A funny thing happened i used the product as directed and i got alot darker!