California Tan Cypher Platinum Black Optimizer

California Tan Cypher Platinum Black Optimizer
New 2013 California Tan !!! 
Cypher Platinum Black Optimizer
Quinquagesimus [50] Bronzer Step 2
* Accelerating Color [50] Bronzers
* Anti-Aging Platinum [78] Complex
* Fragrance: Zesty Lime Verbena
* 6.8 US fl. oz.

  Cypher Platinum Black Optimizer Step 2 is the final step in the California Tan's Platinum line. With ingredients to help produce melanin and a fresh Zesty Lime scent this lotion will please the most avid tanner. 

* Cypher Platinum Black Optimizer Features:

Oxidize: TRF & CuO2 - Each is an advanced and boosting tanning technology with high levels of copper peptides and oxygen that energize the skin for deeper and darker tanning results as well as enhanced collagen production for amplified color.
Quinquagesimus [50] Bronzers: Combination of melanin activating peptides, erythrulose, black walnut shell extract and DHA to provide optimal bronzing power.
D-Cypher Complex™ : Breakthrough in tanning technology and the first complex that unlocks the proteins essential to the formation of melanin for unsurpassed fast, dark tan development.
Anti-Aging Platinum [78] Complex™: A blend of patent pending technologies that deliver moisture to the skin and aid in reducing the 7 signs of aging: dehydration, fine lines, wrinkles, skin discoloration, skin dullness, loss of elasticity and skin fullness.
Firming Cell Speak Complex: Anti-aging action code the explores the causes of aging by targeting one of the principal causes of inflammation for firmer and more radiant skin.
Moisturizing: Tamanu Oil: Helps regenerate skin cells, hydrate and soothe skin.
ATO: After-tan inhibitor aids in preventing unpleasant after-tan odor.

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