Designer by Designer

Designer Skin Designer by Designer™
New 2013 Designer Skin !!!
Designer by Designer™
Iconic Advanced Bronzer
* Photo Ready Airbrush Finish
* 24/7 Longlast™ Complex
* Hemp & Gluten Free
* Fragrance: Citrus Amber Fusion
* 13.5 US fl. oz.
* Retail Price: $85.00     

Designer Skin Body Bronzer, 13.5 Fluid Ounce is the perfect lotion for male or female tanners that desire to build a deep, dark and long lasting tan in a minimal amount of time.

Dark Bronzers: Features advanced bronzers, including DHA, which are infused with an Oxygen, Caffeine and VitaPlus™ blend to help improve the overall texture, radiance, and tone of the skin.
24/7 LongLast™ Complex: provides superior delivery of advanced skincare, moisturizers and bronzers, aiding in the efficiency of each tanning session and prolonging results.
Photo Ready Airbrush Technology: helps to reduce the appearance of skin imperfections by providing a matte finish.

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