Swedish Beauty Girlfriend Sexy™ Bronzer

Swedish Beauty Girlfriend Sexy™ Bronzer
New 2013 Swedish Beauty !!!
Girlfriend Sexy™ Bronzer
New Immediate Bronzer
* 35 Bronzers
* Tone, Smooth and Firm
* Fight Free Radicals
* 10 US fl. oz.


Girlfriend Sexy™ Bronzer Features:
35 ♥ Bronzers with Benefits™ Blend: Ultimate bronzer combination for the deepest, darkest color results that last.
Curve Appeal™ Technology: Stevia primer blend helps visibly tone, smooth and firm skin.
Sweet Treats™: Blueberries & Dark Chocolate fight free radicals for more youthful-looking skin.

Are you daytime sexy, or night club sexy? Sporty sexy, or show time sexy? Reveal your inner sexy with this revolutionary bronzing and toning system that will leave you crazy-obsessed. Go for bold, look-at-me color that won't quit. Brilliant Bronze. Captivating color. Now that's Sexy.


  1. I love this lotion! I got great color from one use and the bronzers applied beautifully to my skin. It has a light scent that smells very nice. I like the skincare ingredients and it is extremely moisturizing. Next time I purchase a new lotion, it will be Girlfriend Sexy!

  2. This lotion is amazing! I just purchased it today. It smells really good; like blueberries. It goes on really smooth, not greasy at all. I love it!