Australian Gold Precious Metals™

Australian Gold Precious Metals™
New Australian Gold !!!  
Precious Metals
 Ultra NutriDark™ Mahakanni
 Mineral Bronzer
Immediate and Delayed Bronzers
Moisturizing Essential Minerals
* Fragrance: Tropical Rockstar
* 10 US fl. oz.

Ultra NutriDark™ Bronzing Blend:  Bio-engineered new technology combines DHA, Mahakanni Extract and natural bronzers for unprecedented deep, dark undeniable color.
Bio-Active Bronzing Minerals:  92 essential minerals, including Gold and Platinum, for a healthy-looking glow and visibly alluring appearance.
TanFresh™ Blend: Eliminates after-tan odor using a combination of powerful odor inhibitors.
Paraben Free

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  1. I have stubborn skin(natural blonde blue eyed girl, that doesn't burn but takes for ever to get a nice tan). and this product worked for me but I also hit a platue once I was super tan, I couldn't get any dark with this product I was in maintaince mode until I switched to cypher platinum purple, this lotion is a great base builder.