Australian Gold Love Hurts™

Australian Gold Love Hurts™
New Australian Gold !!!  
Love Hurts
Tingle T20 Heartbreaking Bronzer
 with FadeDefy™ Technology
Immediate and Delayed Bronzers*Fiery Tingle T20
Moisturizing Aloe Base
* Fragrance: Berry Tempting
* 8.5 US fl. oz.

Aloe Base:  High levels of concentrated Aloe Vera Gel heals, soothes and moisturizes for healthy, smooth skin.
HeartBreaking Bronzing Blend:  Decadent blend of natural and melanin enhancing bronzers work flawlessly together for a deep, seductive hue.
Fiery Tingle T20:  A passionate blend of Chili Extract and Tingles stimulate for moderate reddening ensuring dark color results.
FadeDefy™ Technology:  Kakadu Plum, the world’s richest source of Vitamin C, and Shea Butter moisturize, protect, and repair skin for longer lasting dark color.
ATO Inhibitor:  Eliminates after-tan odor using a combination of powerful odor inhibitors.

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  1. This is hot hot! But it works very well! I definitely would recommend this product if you enjoy the tingles. Do not use if you don't have a base tan already. Also if you haven't tried a tingle before this one might not be for you. I would say try a lighter tingle first.