Designer Skin Sweet Romeo

Designer Skin Sweet Romeo
New for 2012 !!!
Sweet Romeo TM
Natural Bronzer
*Aloe and Carrot Oil
*Amino Acids
*Hemp and Gluten-free
Caribbean Mist (unisex)  
*8 US fl. oz.

All New Sweet Romeo
uses a blend of bronzers, accelerators and intensifiers to provide a great looking tan.
With a nourishing blend of Aloe and Carrot Oil this lotion will leave your skin smooth and healthy looking.
Sweet Romeo has a Caribbean Mist (unisex) scent great for men and woman alike.
Hemp, DHA and Gluten free and with a blend of fern, forest and mist this formula will leave you with a clean fresh scent.

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  1. I'm addicted to this scent! I bought a bottle just to put on at home! Amazing amazing amazing! But lets get to the important aspect of this lotion.. TANNING! Well I used it twice (because I wanted to save it as a moisturizer) and I was pleasantly surprised! For the 20$ I paid I'd definitely pay it again. For such an inexpensive lotion it moisturized well and applied super easy. 5/5 :D