New 2016 Tanning Lotion: Ed Hardy Blacklist Bronzer

Ed Hardy Blacklist Bronzer
New 2016 Ed Hardy Lotion
Blacklist Bronzer™
Champagne Infused Triple Threat Black Bronzer 
* 6X Tan Activators
* DHA + Natural & Cosmetic Bronzers
* Fragrance: Peach Blossom
* Available in: 13.5 oz. bottle & .7 oz. sample
* Price: $$$$

Joining the Ed Hardy line of tanning products for the summer of 2016 is the Blacklist Bronzer™.  This product is unparalleled by anything else on the market as a triple threat bronzing formula designed to provide instantly dark, richer, more vibrant, longer lasting color than ever experienced.

New 2016 Tanning Lotion: Supre Tan, Snooki™ Bronze Shores Bronzer

Supre Tan, Snooki™ Bronze Shores Bronzer
New 2016 Supre Tan !!!
SnookiBronze Shores
Super Dark Bronzing Lotion
* DHA Bronzing Lotion
* Matcha, Concentrated Green Tea
* Fragrance: Love & Sunshine
* Available in: 9 oz. bottle & .57 oz. sample
* Price: $$

Snooki™ Bronze Shores is a newly released 2016 product in Nicole Polizzi’s tanning lotion line by Supre Tan for 2016! This product is specifically designed to help build and extend the life of your tan. As a professional indoor and outdoor formula, it is the perfect grab and go must have for a trip to your tanning salon or a day out in the sun.

New 2016 Tanning Lotion: JWOWW Midnight Delight™ Warming Bronzer

Jwoww Midnight Delight™ Warming Bronzer
New 2016 Australian Gold
JWOWW Private Reserve Midnight Delight
* Warming Bronzer
Instant and Delayed Bronzers
* Fragrance: Dark Vanilla
* Available in: 13.5 oz. bottle or .5 oz. sample
* Price: $$$$

JWOWW’s latest addition to the 2016 Australian Gold collection, Midnight Delight™ is a limited time offer taking inspiration from the success of the One and Done™
Warming Leg Bronzer.

New Tanning Lotions: Supre Tan, Pretty Pink & Sexy™ Bronzer

Supre Tan, Pretty Pink& Sexy™ BronzerNew 2016 Tanning Lotion
Pretty Pink & Sexy™
Flirtatiously Dark BB Bronzer 
* Instant Bronzers + DHA
* Skin Nourishing Oils & extracts
* Fragrance: Tickled Pink
* Available in: 8 oz. bottle & .57 oz. sample
* Price: $$

New for the 2016 tanning season, Supre Tan introduces Pretty Pink & Sexy™, a dark BB Bronzer with a toning and tightening blend.

New 2016 Tanning Lotions: Devoted Creations, TAN Mode™ Bronzer

Devoted Creations, TAN Mode™ BronzerNew 2016 Tanning Lotion
TAN Mode™

Ultimate Streak Free Bronzing Lotion
Gluten, Oil, and Paraben Free
Hypoallergenic: Formulated for ALL Skin Types

* Natural & Cosmetic Bronzers (DHA Free)
* Skin Tightening and Toning 
* Fragrance: Sugared Berries
* Available in: 9 oz. bottle & .5 oz. sample
* Price: $

Devoted Creations introduces TAN Mode for 2016, a value priced natural and cosmetic bronzing tanning product with high levels of skincare ingredients formulated with sensitive skin tanners in mind.

New 2016 Tanning Lotions: Supre Tan, Tan Candy™ Vanilla Spun Sugar

Supre Tan, Tan Candy Vanilla Spun SugarNew Supre Tan Tanning Lotion
Triple Dark Bronzing Crème
* DHA + Natural Bronzers
* Sugar Cane
* Fragrance: Vanilla Spun Sugar
* Available in: 8.5 oz. bottle & .57 oz. sample
* Price: $$

For 2016, Supre Tan adds a Tan Candy Vanilla Spun Sugar, a Triple Dark Bronzing Crème to one of its most popular collections. This deliciously dark blend combines the richest tanning ingredients with DHA for darker, longer lasting color while Sugar Cane and Sweet Almond Oil condition and soften the skin.

New 2016 Tanning Lotions: Devoted Creations, Cosmetic Bronzer

Devoted Creations Sparkle & Shine Cosmetic BronzerNew 2016 Cosmetic Bronzer
So Naughty Nude™ Sparkle & Shine

Darkening Body Bling Moisturizer
Covers Flawlessly
* Instant Cosmetic Shimmering Bronzers (DHA-Free)
* Anti-Aging & Skin Firming
* Fragrance: Pink Sugar
* Available in: 7 oz. bottle
* Price: $$

New for 2016 by Devoted Creations is So Naughty Nude™ Sparkle & Shine, a shimmering cosmetic bronzer in a lightweight and non-greasy illuminating formula that works on every skin tone (from light to deep-dark) and provides an allover instant luminous glow for everyday use and special occasions.

New 2016 Tanning Lotions: Supre Tan, Sweet & Sexy Hemp Natural Bronzer

Supre Tan, Sweet & Sexy Hemp Bronzer2016 Supre Tan Tanning Lotion
Sweet & Sexy Hemp
Dark Tan Hemp Natural Bronzer 
* Aloe Vera
* Natural Bronzing Extracts
* Fragrance: Sexy Secret
* Available in: 10.1 oz. bottle & .57 oz. sample
* Price: $$

Sweet & Sexy Hemp  is a new 2016 tanning lotion by Supre Tan with instant streak-free and stain-free bronzers and conditioning Hemp Seed Oil.