JWOWW Sunset Kissed Private Reserve Desirable Dark Bronzer

JWOWW Sunset Kissed Private Reserve Desirable Dark BronzerNew 2017 JWOWW
Sunset Kissed™
Private Reserve Desirable Dark Bronzer

DHA + Caramel
* Tones & Energizes Skin
* Fragrance: Papaya Passion
* Available in: 13.5 oz. bottle or .5 oz. sample

Australian Gold presents us with the latest addition to JWOWW’S line of tanning products,  this lotion is designed to provide instant and developed dark color results while improving to tone and texture of the skin.

Desirable Dark Bronzer:  Featuring a generous does of Caramel and DHA that combine to provide the perfect sun kissed glow.
 Perfect Touch Finish: Designed to eliminate imperfections to give the appearance of flawlessly even skin.
Craveable Skincare:  Caffeine combines with Vitamin C to provide energized and toned appearing skin while working to fight against free radical damage.
Intense Moisturizers:  Grape Seed, Sunflower, and Sweet Almond Oils fuse with Shea Butter to provide serious skin hydration.

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