California Tan, 415 Cali Tan Extender Step 3

California Tan, 415 Cali™ Tan Extender Step 3
New 2017 Tanning Lotion
415 Cali™ Tan Extender Step 3
 Aloe Vera + Shea Butter
* Nourishing Sea Salt
* Fragrance: Bay Breeze
* Available in: 16 oz. bottle


California Tan, 415 Cali Tan Extender features a unique combination of ingredients that help keep the skin looking and feeling youthful.

*415 Cali ™ Tan Extender Features:
Cali Collection™ Blend:  Promotes the inhibition of the enzyme that breaks down Hyaluronic Acid. 
Tan Extending Blend:  Moisturizes and helps prevent dark skin cells from sloughing off.
Aloe Vera, Shea Butter and Sea Salt: Deliver soothing, moisturizing and smoothing effects to the skin.
Vitatan®:  Promotes and builds the ultimate golden color.
CT-Protect™:  Protects skin’s youthful appearance with nutrients.

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