Tan Inc, Fit Girl Advanced 100X Bronzer

Tan Inc., Fit Girl Advanced 100X Bronzer
New 2017 Tanning Lotion!!!

Fit Girl™
Advanced 100X Depth & Define Bronzer

* Tattoo Enhancing Complex
* NaturalBronzers (DHA Free)
* Fragrance: Awapuhi Mandarin Mango
* Available in: 13.5 oz. bottle & .75 oz. sample
* Retail Price $40.00

Just released Fit Girl™ is a new lotion for 2017 by Tan Incorporated, featuring natural bronzing ingredients along with hydration, antioxidants, and natural nutrients for a healthy looking glow.

Advanced 100X Depth & Define Bronzers:  This DHA-free formula is streak-free and stain-free for instant dark results provided by natural bronzing ingredients.
Aquatannical Mineral & Energy Complex: nourishes and helps aid in skin’s vitality.
Organic Coconut & Shea Butter:  bathes the skin in lush hydration for balanced moisture that lasts all day.
Anti-aging Formula:  Natural White Tea, Blueberry, Lotus Petal provide fantastic antioxidants.
Tattoo Enhancing Complex: Designed to protect tattoos from fading and enhance their luster.

Lush Silicone Emulsion:  The Max Silicone base of this lotion provides easy application and leaves skin feeling extremely silky and smooth.
DHA Free, Paraben Free, Gluten Free 

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