Tan Asz U Rush Hour Black Advanced 200X Rush Bronzer

Tan Asz U Rush Hour Black Advanced 200X Rush BronzerNew 2017 Tanning Lotion!!!
Rush Hour Black™
Advanced 200X Rush Bronzer
* Fade-defying Technology
* DHA+ Natural Bronzers
* Fragrance: Electric Passion Cocktail
* Available in: 13.5 oz. bottle & .75 oz. sample
* Retail Price: $60.00

Rush Hour Black™ is a new lotion for 2017 by Tan Incorporated’s Tan Asz U line featuring quickly developing color results and energy and toning extracts for beautiful skin.

Lotion Review Editor's View:  We predict this lotion will be one of Tan Incorporated's top sellers for 2017. It offers everything tanners love about this line:  a fresh fragrance, silicone base, and high quality natural bronzing agents for instant color. The touch of DHA is what puts this lotion in the "must have" category for us, as the developed results are long lasting and extremely natural looking.

Advanced 200X Black Bronzers:  Artisan crafted for your best tan yet, the combination of multiple advanced natural bronzing ingredients combine to produce dark, fast, instant color.
ColorEvolve: A touch of DHA that continues to develop into even darker, longer lasting color results.

Skin Conditioning Complex:  Featuring energy and toning extracts, this formula is designed to condition and energize skin for optimum radiance.
Lush Silicone Emulsion:  The Max Silicone base of this lotion provides easy application and leaves skin feeling extremely silky and smooth.
Paraben Free, Gluten Free 

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