New Tanning Lotions: Dr. Sun Rx, Vitamin D Dark Tanning Maximizer

Dr. Sun Rx, Vitamin D Dark Tanning Maximizer
New 2016 Dr. Sun Rx Tanning Lotion
Vitamin D Dark Tanning Maximizer

Firming Formula 
* Aloe + Coconut Milk Base
* Enriched with Vitamin D 
* Fragrance: Flower Fusion
* Available in: 8.5 oz. bottle & .5 oz. sample
* Price: $$

New for 2016 by Dr. Sun Rx is the Vitamin D Tanning Maximizer. This lotion is enriched with Vitamin D and features a Caffeine blend to tone and tighten skin.

*Vitamin D Dark Tanning Maximizer Features:
Enriched with Vitamin D that absorbs topically in the presence of UVB light. Adequate Vitamin D intake is important for the regulation of calcium and phosphorus absorption, maintenance of healthy bones and teeth, and is suggested to supply a protective effect against multiple diseases and conditions such as cancer, type 1 diabetes and multiple sclerosis.
Skincare Formula features Vitamins C and E with an Aloe and Coconut Milk base for intense hydration and conditioning of the skin, leaving it looking and feeling silky smooth.
Firming Blend featuring Caffeine is designed to energize the skin and provide tightened and toned results for flawless skin.
ATO Inhibitor Flower Fusion fragrance diminishes after tan odor and leaves your skin smelling fresh wherever your travels may lead you.

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