New 2016 Tanning Lotions: California Tan - CT ID™ Bronzer

California Tan - CT ID™ Bronzer
New California Tan Tanning Lotion
CT ID™ Bronzer
Step 2
* Natural Bronzer
* Clinically Proven Anti-Aging
* Fragrance: Coastal Waters
* Available in: 6.4 oz. bottle
* Price: $$$$$

The CT ID™ Step 2 Bronzer joins the 2016 product line by California Tan. This tanning lotion is specifically formulated with Clinically Proven Ingredients to help enhance skin’s hydration, for noticeably youthful looking skin.

* CT ID™ Step 2 Bronzer Features:
Natural  Bronzers: Rich in nutrients, natural bronzing ingredients provide skin with instant streak-free color for a beautifully dark tan.
Camu Camu: Replenishes and rejuvenates “tired” skin cells for more youthful looking skin.
Vitamin D:  Supports collagen production and the skin’s integrity for a healthy tanning canvas and beautiful skin.
CuO2® and TRF™: Combination of rich ingredients to further advance bronze color to a dark state for optimized tanning results.

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