New 2016 Tanning Lotion: Dr. Sun RX - American Superstar Bronzer

Dr. Sun RX - American Superstar Bronzer
New 2016 Dr. Sun RX Tanning Lotion
American Superstar

Five Star White Bronzers 
* Promotes Melanin Production
* White DHA Bronzer 
* Fragrance: Orange Jasmine
* Available in: 13 oz. bottle & .5 oz. sample
* Price: $$$

Dr. Sun RX adds American Superstar to the Jessica Robertson Collection of tanning lotions for 2016. This lotion features white DHA bronzers and melanin enhancing ingredients for a streak-free and stain-free long lasting dark tan.

*American Superstar Features:
Moisturizing Skincare Blend features a concentrated amount of hydrating and healing Aloe Vera  and Mango Fruit Extract deliver the best moisture to your skin to keep it healthy for long lasting dark tanning results.
DRSUNRX TYRO-Q™ A powerful blend Tyrosine, Green Tea, and CoQ10 Blend helps promote melanin production for a natural, bronze hue.

Skincare Formula features DRSUNRX SILKFEEL™ that provides a cushion and slip for a tremendously luxurious feel on the skin.
5 Star Instant and Delayed Bronzers featuring a combination of instant natural bronzing ingredients, including Concentrated Black Walnut Extract for immediate color that is stain-free and streak-free plus delayed DHA bronzers for developed color that is dark and long-lasting.

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