New 2016 Tanning Lotions: Swedish Beauty - Pink Rock™ Bronzer

Swedish Beauty - Pink Rock™ Bronzer
New 2016 Swedish Beauty!!!
Pink Rock™
P25 Rebellious Bronzer
DHA Bronzer
* Firming and Toning Blend
* Fragrance: Midnight Melody (Citrus, Peony, Vanilla Bean, & Sandalwood)
* Available in: 8.5 oz. bottle & 0.5 oz. sample
* Price $$

The newest addition to the popular Pink Collection by Swedish Beauty is Pink Rock™ for 2016. This DHA bronzer is packed full of skincare and moisturizing ingredients for beautiful, healthy looking tan.

Pink Rock™ Features:
P25 Bronzers:  DHA provides a dark flawless golden tone that will fully develop in 2-4 hours.
Wolfberry: Delivers vitamins and minerals to your skin to help energize and clarify for a radiant complexion.
Firming and Toning Blend: Allantoin and Caffeine help firm and tone skin for stunning results.
Flawless Finish Moisture: Super moisturizers promote a glowing bronze, for a perfect skin any wild child would adore.

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