New Tanning Lotion: Hempz Pinkz Color Correcting Bronzer

Pinkz Color Correcting Bronzer
New 2016 Hempz Tanning Lotion
 Pinkz CC Bronzer 
* DHA + Cosmetic Bronzers
* Smoothes & Evens Skin’s Tone
* Fragrance: Blushing Grapefruit & Raspberry
* Available in: 13.5 oz. bottle & .57 oz. sample
* Price: $$$

Pinkz CC Bronzer is one of Hempz brand new tanning lotions for 2016! This color correcting bronzer is a blend of cosmetic and delayed bronzers designed to transform and balance your tan to new levels of dark, rich color. 

*Hempz Pinkz CC Bronzer Features:
Dark Bronzing & Color Correcting Blend CC bronzers combine with DHA and cosmetic bronzers to enhance skin’s overall color while continuing to develop into a deeper, darker bronze hue.
Skincare Formula Clay Perfecting Minerals, rich in photo-nutrients, help to smooth and even skin’s tone for a more youthful looking complexion.
Moisturizing with Hemp 100% pure Hemp Seed Oil helps to hydrate, condition, and nourish skin leaving it feeling exceptionally moist, smooth, and soft.
Antioxidant Boost Raspberry and Pink Grapefruit Extract are rich in antioxidants to help fight against free radicals and help to smooth and renew the skin.
100% Vegan Formula that is: Paraben Free, Gluten Free, THC Free, 

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