California Tan Color Perfecting Complex™ Sunless Pen

California Tan Color Perfecting Complex™ Sunless Pen
New 2015 Sunless Detail Pen !!!
Color Perfecting Complex™
Sunless Detail Pen
* Antioxidant Rich
* Gel Blend
* Fragrance: Fresh & Sunny
* Available in: 0.8 oz. bottle
* Price:  $
The Color Perfecting Complex™ Instant Sunless Spray by California Tan is new for the 2015 season; it provides immediate natural looking color while toning, tightening, and giving a slimming appearance.

Natural Colorant Blend is a patent-pending, antioxidant rich formula that blends seven natural colorants to enhance and darken skin’s organic color while concealing imperfections.
Triple Moisture Sensation a blend of ingredients that lock in moisture and trigger a hydration that penetrates deep into the skin.
Caffeine works to give skin a tightened and toned appearance.
Skin Tonic Technology helps to block fat storage, giving a more slimmed appearance.


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