Devoted Creations Le Moment™ Bronzer

Devoted Creations Le Moment™ Bronzer
New 2015 Tanning Lotions!!!
Le Moment
Advanced Breakthrough Bronzing Formula
* Tattoo & Color Fade Protection
* Anti-aging Complex
* Fragrance: Blushing Suede

* Available in: 13.5 oz. bottle & .5 oz. sample

* Price $$$$$

Le Moment™ joins the Devoted Creations product line for 2015 with a dark bronzing blend of DHA plus natural and cosmetic bronzers for both instant color results and longer lasting delayed color for a deep, dark tan!

Dark Bronzing Blend combines natural, cosmetic, and DHA bronzers to provide immediate results plus deep, dark, long lasting color.
Cashmere Extracts provide a 24 hour hydration system to the skin to leave it feeling soft and silky.
SunXtend helps prevent color from fading and prolongs the life of your tan.

Cell LD Technology™ increases the lifespan of cells, repairs cell damage and boosts collagen production for firmer, tighter, younger looking skin.
L22 is a deep and long lasting skin hydrator for silky, soft, and smooth skin.
Anti-aging and Firming/Tightening benefits are provided by advanced Kollaren, Snow Algae Powder, Renovage, PhyToCelltec, and Body Fit™ fighting the appearance of cellulite, wrinkles and fine lines.

FreshTek™ is a proprietary blend of skin freshening and deodorizing ingredients.

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