Australian Gold Eye Candy Bronzer

Australian Gold Eye Candy Bronzer
2015 Tanning Lotion!!!
Eye Candy™
15X Eye Catching Dark Bronzing Lotion
 DHA + Natural Bronzers
* Firming
* Fragrance: Juicy Starburst
* Available in: 8.5 oz. bottle or 0.5 oz. sample
* Price $
Eye Candy™ is a very affordable price point for and Australian Gold product, joining the line for 2015. It contains instant and delayed bronzers and quality skincare ingredients.
15X Eye Catching Bronzers: Perfectly measured blend of Caramel and DHA to provide both instant and delayed dark color results.
Guilt-Free Skincare: Contains a delicious sprinkle of Strawberry Extract and Brown Sugar for deeply nourished and touchable smooth skin.
Toning Caffeine Shot: Firms and Energizes the skin for improved texture and appearance.
Skin Conditioners: Irish Oils and Shea Butter work together for deep moisture and a lustrous, satin look and finish.


  1. First of all.. this lotion is PINK in color and smells exactly like starburst candy! I loved it immediately just for those 2 reasons, haha. :) On a more serious note, it applied to my skin very easily and was not too sticky or oily. It provided the perfect amount of hydration and made my skin feel great. I like that it contains caffeine for the toning benefits and I noticed instant color results after tanning. My color continued to darken as my day went on, so it seems to have a good amount of DHA bronzers as well. I had no after tan odor at all, but the sweet starburst smell wasn't as intense as when I first put it on. To me this was perfect because I get a headache from strong smells, but I still smelled great. I can't believe how inexpensive this product is... I really want to purchase a bottle!

    1. Can you use this product outside to or just tanning bed