Dr. Sun Rx Hidden Beauty Maximizer

Dr. Sun Rx Hidden Beauty MaximizerNew 2015 Dr. Sun Rx Lotion!!!
Hidden Beauty
Natural Tan Maximizer
* Vitamin D & Aloe Base
* Dark Accelerators
* Fragrance: Strawberry Kiwi
* Available in: 12 oz. Bottle & 0.5 oz Sample

* Price: $$

Hidden Beauty joins the (Duck Dynasty's) Jessica Robertson line by Dr. Sun Rx in the fall of 2014. This lotion evens skin tone and firms while aiding in the natural tanning process.

Aloe and Vitamin D Base Aloe is deeply hydrating, making skin looks and feel smooth and silky; Vitamin D nourishes the skin with antioxidants while supporting collagen production and reducing inflammation.
Melactive™ is a tan accelerator that maximizes the production of melanin in the skin so that you tan darker, faster.
Melitane™ enhances the tanning process by aiding in melanin synthesis and providing skin with a healthy glow.

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