Australian Gold Hemp Nation™ Tropical Colada Tan Extender

Australian Gold Hemp Nation™ Tan Extender
New 2015 Lotion!!!
Hemp Nation™ Tropical Colada
Moisturizing Tan Extender
 Contains Hemp Seed Oil
* Enriched with Coconut Water & Papaya
* Fragrance: Tropical Colada

* Available in: 18 oz. bottle or 0.5 oz. sample
* Price $

Australian Gold’s Hemp Nation™ Tropical Colada Moisturizing Tan Extender is a THC Drug and Paraben-Free product. It is packed with the best skincare ingredients that keep skin healthy and youthful, while deeply hydrating skin and prolonging the life of your tan!

Pure Hemp Seed Oil contains a special blend of amino and fatty acids that work together to provide the deepest level of hydration.
Coconut Water and Papaya work together to provide essential nutrients and electrolytes that help restore skin’s moisture balance while nourishing for healthy,  radiant color.
Age Defying Blend the extreme fusion of Vitamins B5 and E provide the skin with a natural protection from aging.
HydroRich™Blend  Glycerin, Jojoba, and Shea Butter deeply hydrate and lock in moisture for long-lasting silky smooth results.

Soft Focus Effects Microspheres help to scatter light, which aids in decreasing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

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