Designer Skin Room 2285™ Dual Bronzer

Designer Skin Room 2285™ Dual Bronzer
New 2015 Designer Skin !!!
Room 2285™
Exceptionally Dark Dual Bronzer
* Instant Bronzers + DHA
* Natural Oils + a touch of silicone
* Fragrance: Warm & Cozy
* Available in: 8 oz. Bottle & 0.5 oz Sample

* Price: $$

Room 2285™ is the newest addition to the Love DS® Collection that will launch on August 1, 2014 – just in time for back-to-school! This lotion will help extend that summer glow into fall!

Bronzing Blend of DHA plus natural bronzing ingredients Tyrosine, Henna, Black Walnut Shell, and Erythrulose combine to help promote dark, even, immediate color, plus longer lasting color with delayed development.
Skincare an extra helping of Aloe Vera plus a touch of Silicone provide skin with optimal hydration and an exceptionally smooth feel. Vitamin A and Natural Oils work together to add extra moisture for softer and smoother skin.
Warm and Cozy Fragrance is a fan favorite that will upgrade tanners to international glam status with notes of Peony, Vanilla Meringue, and Amber.

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